Thriller film of Payal Rajput

Best Thriller film of Payal Rajput

Crime as well as thriller movies are always at the top when it concerns the option of individuals. The audience constantly loves thriller categories, particularly from the south movie market; individuals are more likely to wait for its launch. We are captivated by the crime thrills and also take part in the enigma of the movies. When material in the OTT platform today is swamped with numerous thriller flicks, we get puzzled regarding which one to choose. Hours are thrown away in looking for the very best one for the day to enjoy. Several of the marvelously made Telugu thriller flicks are HIT, KshanaKshanam, Anveshana, Anukokunda Oka Roju, and also the incessant list. If you are a Telugu thriller movies on-line lover, you may catch up on one of the streaming Telugu thriller movies on Aha Anaganaga O Athidhi.

Anaganaga O Athidhi is the Telugu remake of the 2018 Kannada suspense thriller Aa KaraalaRatri from the makers of the very same house DayalPadmanabhan. The flick was on the air on 20th November 2020. The initial film nabbed the Best Film award Karnataka State Film Honor in the year 2018. The movie is remarkably well cast with Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna, Veena Sunder, as well as Ananda Chakrapani. A real-life story has influenced the film.

Story: The motion picture will certainly offer you enough reason to consider people living in distress & economic dilemmas and also what circumstances compel them to do so. Mallika (Payal Rajput) is not delighted with her life as well as struggles with her family for living. One day a houseguest ‘atidhi’ Chinni Krishna (Chaitanya Krishna) showed up in their home and also was introduced as a journalist. Having a case filled with money, he, without believing anything, reveals it to the household. This was when Mallika’s mind modifications, and the greed and also interruption pressed her to go with activity. She, with her family, determines to take his life. So, whether she will be left totally free or enjoy her life with such money is everything about the motion picture.

The motion picture is about rural areas as well as exactly how people react when they come across such wide range that they have never in the past seen in their lives. The fans of Payal Rajput enjoyed her efficiency as she was placed at the front of the film, and this a remarkable change from her glamorous image. She brought every expression, whether greed, desire, or deceptiveness, at one step up. Beyond, Chaitanya Krishna additionally showed to be well in his duty. Eventually this film may opt for a must-watch movie.

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Can drugs make you control … watch this psychological telugu movie

Can drugs make you control … watch this psychological telugu movie

Trance is one of the best movies that came out of the south indian film industry. It is a malayalam film dubbed and released in telugu. It’s a psychological thriller movie written by Vincent Vadakkan and directed by Anward Rasheed. This film will just take you on a different trip to a psychological mood of trance that the protagonists goes through. Can drugs make you contro?… watch this telugu movie to understand its effects. It is one of the best suspense movies out there.

Cast & Crew:

Actor: FahadhFaasil

Actress: NazriyaNazim

Other actors: Gautham Menon, SoubinShahir, DileshPothan, Vinayakan

Director: Anwar Rasheed

Producer: Anwar Rasheed

Writer: Vincent Neerad

Screenplay: Vincent Vadakkan

Cinematography: AmalNeerad

Music Director:  Vinayakan, Jackson Vijayan, SushinShyam

More Information:

Runtime: 2 hours 50 minutes

Released: 20 February 2020

Genre: Psychological Drama, Action


The story begins with Vijay prasad struggling to make a living with his mentally ill brother. They both had a bad experience as their parents committed suicide for their own particular reasons and they’ve been allowed to live all alone together ever since. With such past experience, both brothers have been traumatized but Vijjuprasad got to hold on to his life to manage but brother will get mentally unstable, even tries to hurt Vijay prasad. For his mental instability, commits suicide for not seeing his brother (Vijay prasad) struggle to support him in life. Vijay prasad orphaned by his brother’s suicide and changes the city to start a new life. As Vijay Prasad is a certified motivational speaker and searching for a right opportunity, two professional business partners come in contact with Vijju to start a new religious business by using ill-minded peoples belief among god and make a profit out of it. Vijay prasad offered to either stay or leave as if entered, cannot get back to his old life. Vijay Prasad chose their offer and set up as a pastor to attract people who blindly believe in God and use them to make a profit and get rich. But still, was he doing right or was he doing wrong? Was he stable now or still traumatized over his family’s death? what will he do when he becomes unstable in an alternate reality of his mind is the most adventurous journey Vijay prasad will experience in his life.

Technical Asset:

  • This Trance will toss into the labyrinth of daze. Simply take a look at the trailer and it’s sufficient to look after once more.
  • Story is the ruler! At the point when we state we would not joke about this! Remarkable story, it’s definitive turns and insane components of feelings.
  • Screenplay just played and kicked the vibe to hit you hard while viewing. It’s looking as well as you are experiencing each shot of it.
  • Music is the ultimate thing that brings out life in a movie and in this movie music is very soulful! A very loved and impressive music.

Watch Trace movie online today and have a good time. It’s a great suspense movie to watch anytime.